“I don’t think you can underestimate the importance of a good education. It’s the thing that brings jobs to the area. It translates to future economic benefit for our community. Why would you not want to do something like that in your own community when it helps the kids, helps the future.”

- Page Stalcup, CPA

 C corporations, S corporations, llcs, partnerships, and pass-through entities can redirect 50% of their income tax liability.


Individuals can donate up to 50% of their Alabama income tax liability or $50,000.


Provide a Scholarship

Historically, Alabama has set its educational standards lower than other states. Our high school graduation rate has trailed behind the national average. Students in some schools, particularly those from poverty backgrounds, have lagged far behind their peers,” according to the Obstacles into Opportunities report from the Business Education Alliance (BEA) and Public Affairs Research Council of Alabama (PARCA).

Ending a Cycle

Too often children are not learning the basic skills to succeed. “Only 31% of Alabama’s fourth graders were proficient readers in 2013, and their math scores ranked 50th in the nation,” according to the National Assessment of Educational Progress.

AOSF’s mission is to break down the educational barriers of poverty and zip code by providing K-12 scholarships.

Industries need a diverse and trainable workforce to thrive and expand. When the Business Council of Alabama recently surveyed its membership, results indicated the number one obstacle to private sector growth and expansion in Alabama is the availability of skilled workers.

Although half of AOSF’s graduates plan to attend a four year college, 35% will potentially enter Alabama’s workforce. AOSF is seeking partners who will donate a portion of their Alabama income tax liability. Through those donations, partners help us equip our graduates for their chosen vocations through dual enrollment and other trainings and certifications. Working together, we can help grow a skilled workforce in the Alabama communities that need it most, while providing graduates employment options in their hometowns.

By partnering with AOSF and donating a portion of your tax liability, you will receive a dollar-for-dollar tax credit. And, together we can help insure a prosperous future for thousands of Alabama’s most at-risk students.

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“For every child we move up the educational ladder, we reap big dividends in earnings and employability.”

– PARCA report for BEA

CPA Classes

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Presented by the Alabama Opportunity Scholarship Fund, the Alabama Accountability Act (AAA) Course focuses on the AAA legislation, taxpayers' benefits, scholarship granting organizations, and how to claim dollar-for-dollar tax credits.

Learn how to claim up to $30 in dollar-for-dollar state tax credits for your clients as they support--at no cost to them--thousands of Alabama's most at-risk children.

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“Donating to AOSF is a win-win for many Alabama taxpayers and some extraordinary children. I encourage all my friends to consider supporting these students. It’s really a no-brainer. And I encourage them not to wait until year-end but consider donating right now.”

– Bruce Ely, Bradley


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