Tekoa Shager’s children Xyan and Colin want to become engineers when they graduate, which she found surprising. However, after attending STEM (Science Technology, Engineering and Math) classes at Grace Lutheran in Huntsville, that’s exactly the career path they have chosen. 

Xyan and Colin are able to attend Grace because of the Alabama Opportunity Scholarship Fund. “My children were zoned for failing schools in Huntsville,” said Tekoa Shager, mother. “Because of their scholarship they get to attend Grace Lutheran. If it were not for AOSF, my children would not be getting the quality education I want them to have.”

Shager’s says her children were average students before transferring to Grace Lutheran and that they were shy and reluctant to get involved at their public school. She was disheartened because she could not afford to give them the quality education that she wanted to give them. After learning about the AOSF, she applied and received the financial assistance needed to send Xyan and Colin to Grace.  Now they are excelling academically. Their learning comprehension has improved significantly and their grades have steadily improved each year.

“Being part of the Grace family has had a huge impact on my children emotionally and academically. Now that they receive emotional support from their teachers and friends. They  feel accepted and are longer shy like they were before,” added Shager.

Grace Lutheran’s faculty and staff work directly with parents to help children reach their fullest potential academically. They educate students through goal setting so that students can learn how to earn trust, become responsible, make decisions and develop follow-through skills. They also provide quality science and math education through state-of-the-art technology.

Grace Lutheran’s science and math programs have allowed Xyan and Colin to find their calling and where they have allowed them to excel. Classified and ranked as average students academically before attending Grace, they are now ranked in the top 15th percent academically for their grade level.

“My children’s futures are limitless,” said Shager. “I’d hate to think about what their futures would have looked like if they had stayed in the failing school system. The Alabama Opportunity Scholarship Fund was the ONLY option for my kids’ futures. I don’t want to think about what would happen if the program was no longer available because for me, my children would have no future if they were not able to attend Grace.”