Tony Pope was getting into fights and his grades were failing in the school he attended. His father was worried because he was running with the wrong crowd. Tony Pope, Sr. knew it was not like his son to have this type of behavior. Pope stated that his son loved sports, but was being influenced by a crowd that was not right for him. The teachers only could do so much and Tony was not receiving the one-on-one attention that his father thought would pull him off of the dark path he had chosen.

A friend told Tony’s father about the Alabama Opportunity Scholarship Fund. Tony, Jr. was awarded a scholarship and was accepted to Cottage Hill Christian Academy in Mobile, Alabama. Since Tony has been at Cottage Hill, his grades have dramatically improved and his teachers have taken a personal interest in his learning.

“Tony’s grade point average is up and the school offers hands-on-learning,” said Tony Pope, Sr, Tony’s father. “He is leading bible study and he has learned to set goals for his future. His friends also have the same mentality and they have good influence on my son.”

Cottage Hill Christian Academy has checks and balances in order to keep students on track with what they are supposed to accomplish academically. Tony Pope, Sr. likes these checks and balances because he feels that it makes the students within the program conscientious of what they need to do to succeed.

“The scholarship program is desperately needed for students so that they can find out what their academic potential is and develop it,” said Tony Pope, Sr. “I pray the program grows worldwide so more students can have the opportunity that my son has had.”

Tony has tremendous talent in sports and Cottage Hill is allowing him to live to his fullest potential his father goes on to say. “He’s had the opportunity to open up and grow at a school that cares about him.”

Tony hopes to graduate and go to college to study sports medicine. Sports is his passion.

“The program has helped my son realize his full potential as a student and as a student athlete,” Tony Pope, Sr. added. “My son’s future is bigger and brighter because of his education at Cottage Hill. I’d like to see other children get the same opportunity Tony has had because having a good education is important to having a great future, in my opinion.

Alabama’s tax credits become available now and people can give to the Alabama Opportunity Scholarship Fund at that time. The scholarship fund helps students in need get the education they deserve.