Kannon’s mom had noticed an immediate change in her son when he came home from school. He had always enjoyed school and made good grades. However, the school had begun contacting her about students bullying Kannon. He was no longer eager to go to school and his attitude about studying had changed. Luckily, his mom found out about the Alabama Opportunity Scholarship Fund and she applied. After being awarded the scholarship, Kannon was able to transfer to St. Patrick’s Catholic School in Robertsdale, Alabama.

“At St. Patrick, Kannon felt safe and flourished,” said Lauren Hunter. “Now that he’s at St. Michael Catholic High School, he has excelled even more. He is aware that the scholarship is a gift, and he takes pride in doing his best because of the gift he has received.”

Class sizes at St. Michael are smaller which allows students to receive one-on-one help with more challenging subjects. Students in these classrooms also have the opportunity to learn in unique and exciting ways that allows them engage with their teachers and peers so that they can better understand lessons. The payoff is that Kannon has all As and Bs. The students at St. Michael also are held accountable for their actions and Kannon has grown because his school environment is more structured.

In addition to excelling academically, Kannon also has matured. He is eager to do his best everyday, doing his homework without being asked and volunteering for extra credit assignments. “He has always been a good student, but to witness what this opportunity has done for my son emotionally, has been the best experience I could have as a parent,” Lauren added.

St. Michael has helped Kannon find more confidence and he is learning new things that his mother thought he never would get the opportunity to learn earlier in his life. He also knows that without the AOSF he would have never been given the opportunity to go to St. Patrick’s and now St. Michael.

Lauren feels that it is critical to keep the scholarship because it benefits good kids from hardworking families, who cannot afford to send them to a better school. She feels that these kids are just as eager to learn as Kannon is. “There are so many kids that need the opportunity to have a better future and through the AOSF’s generosity, they can. We have to keep this scholarship program for our kids.” When Kannon graduates, he hopes to attend the University of Alabama and play tuba in the Million Dollar Band.

“Kannon has been given an opportunity that I never had, nor his grandparents had or their parents ever had and I am so grateful we got this chance through the AOSF scholarship program.”