Tion Berry soars at Alabama Christian Academy, in Montgomery, because of the Alabama Opportunity Scholarship Fund Delia Hasberry has seen an increase in her daughter Tion’s grades since transferring to Alabama Christian Academy in Montgomery, Alabama. Tion was feeling pressured to ‘fit in’ in public schools before changing schools. Now that the pressure is gone, she is soaring.

“My daughter comes home now with questions and we discuss what she has learned at school during the day,” said Delia Hasberry. “It’s now more about the lessons, learning and understanding instead about if she is wearing the latest clothes or shoes just to ‘fit in.”

Tion also feels less hesitant to ask teachers questions if she doesn’t understand something than she did before. The smaller classes at Alabama Christian Academy allow her to interact one-on-one with her teachers. Her classes are helping her become prepared to attend college.

“Tion also feels inspired and much more confident in her private school.” Delia added. The Alabama Opportunity Scholarship Fund gives parents options to send their children to schools they could not otherwise afford. Parents are desperately seeking ways to keep their children happy, safe and secure in an environment where they can learn and receive the best education. Because of AOSF, Delia now sends her daughter to a quality private school something that she wouldn’t be able to do without the scholarship, and Tion is excelling.

Delia doesn’t believe that the scholarships are negatively impacting public schools. She believes that the scholarship programs should be motivating public schools to step it up and look at ways to better meet their students’ needs. She believes they should be taking steps to be competitive with other states whose public schools are not struggling.

“In our school, our private school, parents and teachers are actively working together to provide what is best for the students. At our school the child and their education are put first, above anything else,” Delia added. Delia says her daughter will definitely attend college and as a ninth grader she is already touring potential colleges. Delia also adds that her daughter is looking forward to beginning her 10th grade year at Alabama Christian Academy.

“At one time, I thought Tion would be contained by the glass ceiling here in Montgomery,” Delia said. “But, now I believe that ceiling and all of the restrictions are now gone, now that she is attending Alabama Christian Academy on the Alabama Opportunity Scholarship Fund. Education is the key to our children’s future and we need to do all that we can to make sure they are prepared for life by giving them the best education possible.”