Stephanie Keahey’s son Caleb attended a school that pushed him to the back when they saw that it was hard for him to focus. They only recognized behavioral issues and didn’t see that he really wanted to learn. Stephanie was told that he needed to be professionally evaluated and put on medication. After switching to a private school, Caleb completely transformed.

“Caleb has become an entirely different child in the past three years since attending his private school,” said Stephanie Keahey. “His teachers have not mentioned him needing to be evaluated or medicated. And even on his rough days, they say they expect nine year old boys to be like that.”

The teachers now see Caleb’s potential and his promise for a better future, so much so, that he received honors awards on awards day.

Stephanie’s daughter Jailyah is a different type of student all the way around. She loves school. Stephanie says that because of the Alabama Opportunity Scholarship Fund, she is applying for The Altamont School in Birmingham, Alabama. “Because of the scholarship, schools are on my radar that were not before because of financial reasons,” Stephanie added.

Jailyah has the grades, recommendations and transcripts to attend Altamont, the number two private school in the state. It would be a dream come true for Jailyah to attend. She is waiting on the decision for acceptance. Stephanie says that attending Altamont would change her daughter’s life in a way that nothing else would.

“I can relate to the concerns public schools have about these scholarships,” said Stephanie. “However, they need to understand the facts of the program.” Stephanie says that watching her children evolve into well-educated, well-rounded and well-spoken young people has been a blessing. She believes that statistically they would have never had this opportunity without the scholarships. To anyone who doubts the validity or benefits of the program, including the legislators at the Statehouse, the proof is in Caleb and Jailyah.