Loretta Morgan encourages Alabama legislators to keep the power of school choice in parents’ hands

Loretta Morgan is encouraging Alabama’s legislators to support the Alabama Accountability Act. She has three children who are benefitting from the Accountability Act through the Alabama Opportunity Scholarship Fund, and her oldest, 11, has been in the program for five years. Her eight-year-old and seven-year-old have been in the Scholarship for Kids program for three years combined.

“From my experience I went to public schools all my life until the eleventh and twelfth grade years and I must say there’s a big difference in the education that you receive,” said Loretta Morgan. “I made fair grades, but my grades could’ve been better had I applied myself. When I started attending private school in the eleventh grade, my grades improved significantly and I began thinking about attending college.”

Loretta credits her mom for making the right decision to move her to a private school.Loretta made the same decision for her daughter after she experienced a bad first grade year. After hearing about the Alabama Opportunity Scholarship Fund she immediately applied.

The reasons she chose to take her child’s education into her own hands and
make the choice to put her daughter into private school were simple:

1. Religion. For Loretta religion is an important part of school and life. It’s a
constant reminder of how you should treat others.

2. The class sizes are smaller. This makes a big difference because if her children
don’t understand something the teacher is able to figure it out a lot quicker and address learning issues on the spot.
3. Academics. She thinks about it now and for her children’s futures. Private schools provide programs and courses to prepare kids for college.
4. Parent involvement. Communication is more open with the teachers and
administration. There’s always something going on for parents to be involved in with the school. This helps her stay actively involved in her children’s education.
5. Dedicated teachers. Teachers care and are accessible to the students when they need help.
6. Safety. Private schools are safer because of their higher standards and
disciplinary standards.
7. Balanced programming. Not only do private schools provide academic
opportunities through many programs and resources they also provide
extracurricular activities. Loretta believes that it helps children to explore their interests and talents as well as encouraging them.
8. Futures. Private schools help students focus on their future and what they want out of life.

“Now that I have kids I want the best for them,” she added. “I want and expect a better education for them and the scholarships have helped me meet those expectations. I know what they can achieve in private schools, and I, as a parent, have the power to help them achieve it by providing them the best education possible.”