“The best way for me to show the effectiveness of the scholarship program is something shocking I witnessed one school morning. The alarm in my son’s room went off at 5:00 am. I was startled and went into the kitchen to find him sitting at the table, in his pajamas, studying for a science test. This was done without any parental prodding or coercion. He is 11 years old and made an 87 on the test.”

– Dalphine Wilson

Who We Are


At the Alabama Opportunity Scholarship Fund (AOSF), our mission is to empower families to choose the school that best fits their child’s unique educational needs. AOSF provides scholarships to low-income, K-12 children who are not succeeding in their current environment. Scholarships are funded by the donation of corporate and individual Alabama income tax liability.

AOSF is a parent-driven model. Parents complete an online application that is available on the AOSF website. Awards are distributed on a first come, first served basis with priority given to students zoned to attend a “failing” public school.

AOSF is leading the way statewide in providing over 2,000 low-income children the educational opportunity that will give them a successful and productive future.


Every Alabama child has an equal opportunity to a quality education, which can only occur when educators and local communities are empowered to create diverse learning options and all parents are empowered to match their children to the learning option that best meets their needs.


The Alabama Opportunity Scholarship Fund was established in 2013 and provides tax credited scholarships to low-income K-12 children across Alabama to attend the public or private school of their choice.


Over 2,000 scholarships awarded in 40 of 67 Alabama counties.
$11.8 million in scholarships distributed with an average scholarship amount of $6,000.
81% of students are minorities.
$26,254 is the average household income.
26% of parents work two or more jobs.
100% of awards are to low-income children.

Board of Directors

AOSF is governed by an unpaid, volunteer board of directors. AOSF is a subsidiary of the Florida tax-credit scholarship granting organization Step Up For Students (SUFS). Charity Navigator ranks SUFS as its 4th top charity in the nation. SUFS Founder John F. Kirtley serves on the AOSF Board of Directors.

Chad Fincher - Chairman
Former Member, Alabama House of Representatives, Director, MLS and Industry Relations, Zillow

Reverend H. K. Matthews
President, National Movement for Human and Civil Rights

John F. Kirtley
Co-Founder, KLH Capital, Founder, Step Up For Students

John H. Cooper
Partner, Sirote & Permutt PC

Anne White
COO, Step Up For Students

Joe Pfountz
CFO, Step Up For Students

Thomas M. Lee
CEO, Vulcan Inc.

Page Stalcup

    Very Rev. Richard Donahoe
    Vicar of Catholic Charities, Diocese of Birmingham

      Academic Leadership Council

      Anthony Brock
      Principal, Valiant Cross

      Dan Carden
      Headmaster, American Christian Academy

      Sharon Lewis
      Superintendent of Schools
      South Central Conference, Seventh-Day Adventist

      John Schoenig
      Senior Director, Teacher Formation and Education Policy, University of Notre Dame
      Notre Dame, IN


      Lisa Schroder
      Executive Director, Churchill Academy

      Father Bry Shields
      President, McGill-Toolen

      Tim Skelton
      Headmaster, Faith Academy

      David Potts
      President, Judson College

      Our Team

      Lesley Searcy
      Executive Director

      Tonya Jones

      Bri Jackson
      Director of Development

      Andy Ryan
      Marketing and School Advocacy Manager

      Very Rev. Richard Donahoe
      Vicar of Catholic Charities, Diocese of Birmingham


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      (205) 206-7803

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