Donate Quarterly To AOSF

Please consider making your quarterly estimated tax payment to AOSF. Alabama taxpayers may donate a portion of their estimated tax payments or potentially all of their third and fourth quarter estimated tax payments.

As long as you make your payment to AOSF in the same time and manner as you would the state, you will not be penalized. On August 3rd, the ADOR issued Revenue Procedure 2017-01 to ensure penalties do not occur.

For example, if you estimate four payments of $10,000 per quarter, you can potentially donate $5,000 of that each quarter in support of our students. Or, you could pay $10,000 each for your first and second quarter payments to the state and potentially all of your third and fourth quarter payments to AOSF.*

*Please consult your tax professional.

C corporations, S corporations, llcs, partnerships, and pass-through entities can redirect 50% of their income tax liability.


Individuals can donate up to 50% of their Alabama income tax liability or $50,000.


“Donating to AOSF is a win-win for many Alabama taxpayers and some extraordinary children. I encourage all my friends to consider supporting these students. It’s really a no-brainer. And I encourage them not to wait until year-end but consider donating right now.”

– Bruce Ely, Bradley Arant Boult Cummings LLP


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