Take advantage of donating your dollar-for-dollar tax credits that are available to Alabama taxpayers who wish to support low-income children in our state. These credits are available on a first come, first served basis. We do not expect the remaining credits to last long.

Individuals may donate up to one half of their annual Alabama income tax liability and receive a dollar-for-dollar credit. Individuals donations are capped at $50,000.

How it works

1. Estimate your donation.

Taxpayers estimate their 2020 Alabama income tax liability. If you overestimate and your donation exceeds your 2020 liability, you may carry your credits forward up to 3 years.

Frequently Asked Questions

2. Reserve your tax credits.

Report your donation to the state through your My Alabama Taxes Account. Don’t have an account? Need instructions? 

Click to download our simple step-by-step instruction guide.

Step by Step InstructionsMAT Account Instructions

3. Make your donation.

You have 30 days to remit payment to AOSF.

You may pay online or mail a check to:

Alabama Opportunity Scholarship Fund
PO Box 59188
Birmingham, AL 35259

Make Online Payment

4. Get your state tax credit.

Once AOSF receives your payment, your donation will be verified with the state. This will automatically generate a receipt to your “Correspondence” folder in your My Alabama Taxes Account. AOSF will mail you a receipt for federal tax purposes.

Ending a Cycle

Too often children are not learning the basic skills to succeed. “Only 31% of Alabama’s fourth graders were proficient readers in 2013, and their math scores ranked 50th in the nation,” according to the National Assessment of Educational Progress.

AOSF’s mission is to break down the educational barriers of poverty and zip code by providing K-12 scholarships.

Industries need a diverse and trainable workforce to thrive and expand. When the Business Council of Alabama recently surveyed its membership, results indicated the number one obstacle to private sector growth and expansion in Alabama is the availability of skilled workers.

Although half of AOSF’s graduates plan to attend a four year college, 35% will potentially enter Alabama’s workforce. AOSF is seeking partners who will donate a portion of their Alabama income tax liability. Through those donations, partners help us equip our graduates for their chosen vocations through dual enrollment and other trainings and certifications. Working together, we can help grow a skilled workforce in the Alabama communities that need it most, while providing graduates employment options in their hometowns.

By partnering with AOSF and donating a portion of your tax liability, you will receive a dollar-for-dollar tax credit. And, together we can help insure a prosperous future for thousands of Alabama’s most at-risk students.

Scholarship Sponsors

Our scholarships are made possible through the sponsorship of hundreds of individuals and companies across the state. We’re proud to partner with:

Millenium Risk Managers, LLC

Yes. Please send me information about how to reserve my tax credits to support scholarships for Alabama k-12 students.

C corporations, S corporations, LLCs, partnerships, and pass through entities may participate.
Please consult your tax adviser.

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    2020/21 School Year

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    2020/21 School Year

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    2020/21 School Year

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