Letter From Executive Director

Thank you for your interest in the Alabama Opportunity Scholarship Fund (AOSF). Access to quality education is something all parents want for their children; all children deserve an accessible quality education no matter where they live. AOSF is committed to providing families with access to the best educational setting for their child, and we strive to empower parents in securing an educational option that best fits the unique needs and interests of their child. 

I have proudly served as a teacher and administrator in both the public and private school setting. For my entire career I have proudly advocated for students and their families. I have witnessed children all over Alabama succeed in extraordinary ways when given a chance to learn in an environment that meets their unique needs. 

Many parents of AOSF scholarship recipients have shared that their children are succeeding in college and beyond in part because of the learning environment they chose for their child. Parents understand that success comes from academic expectations, but also from cultures of achievement, personal responsibility, respect for others, and positive role models. 

Alabama has thousands of bright, curious children from Florence to Fairhope and from urban centers to family farms. These children possess so much ability and promise but desperately need the opportunity to reach their full potential. Through the Alabama Opportunity Scholarship Fund, we can provide that hope for qualifying children throughout our state. These scholarships are made possible through the historic Alabama Accountability Act, which gives low-income parents whose children are zoned to attend failing schools the ability to find better educational opportunities. Parents served by the AOSF now have an option that would otherwise be completely out of reach.

For both corporate and individual partners, this scholarship would not be possible without your willingness to participate. Thank you for your support, and thank you for making the Alabama Opportunity Scholarship Fund a reality for Alabama children.

If you are a parent and have questions about our scholarship or how to participate, please contact us. We are happy to serve as a resource for connecting you with great educational choices. 


Warm Regards,

Julie Emory-Johnson


2020/21 School Year

General Questions

Monday - Friday9am-5pm

2020/21 School Year

Application Questions

2020/21 School Year

Application Questions

Monday - Friday9am - 5pm